No More Dyslexia, It’s True

Dyslexia is the number one learning disability in this country. Until recently finding a solution for this problem has remained elusive. Using a breakthrough approach, students of all ages can now improve their reading performance and correct their Dyslexia quickly and easily. In fact, most poor readers can learn to read proficiently in less than three months.

New brain research has disclosed a key visual element that makes it difficult for those with Dyslexia to read. By controlling this element, a person with Dyslexia can begin to read properly almost immediately. But what is more amazing, those with good reading skills can be made Dyslexic just as quickly. By using a specific set of reading drills that reprogram how the brain stores and retrieves information, poor readers learn to recognize words immediately, improve reading fluency, increase reading speed, and comprehend more.

Considering that up to 30% of the population has a reading problem of some sort and up to 15% have Dyslexia, you probably know somebody with a reading disability. Finding the best program to help these students jump ahead tends to be discouraging because traditional reading programs don’t work well for those with serious reading problems. Isolating the root cause of complex reading problems requires assessing a student’s visual, auditory, and cognitive processing abilities—special testing not readily available at most schools.

Reading Without Limits, Inc., a reading company in Carlsbad, California, has developed a unique program to help anyone master reading and correct their Dyslexia. Their program is based upon the new developments in brain science and out performs most other reading programs. Incredibly, students improve their reading performance without the use of phonics, sight words, pictures, or verbal cues. Using the right tools makes the difference and makes Dyslexia disappear.

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