A New Breed of Eye Doctor

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Optometrist Dr. David Bloch has provided general eye care for all ages—from eye diseases and lenses to disabilities, cataracts, eye injuries and laser treatments—since opening his practice in 2001. His specialty, however, is in treating reading disabilities.

In high school, a career test revealed an aptitude for engineering. “I was always interested in how things worked,” he says, “Coming from a family of doctors, I explored medicine and discovered an interest in how eyes work.”He founded Reading Without Limits in 2008 to cure reading problems, especially complex problems like dyslexia.

That engineering aptitude and optometry training helped him see dyslexia from a unique perspective and create an innovative, patent-pending dyslexia cure unlike anything else available.


Today, his mission is to help people with reading disabilities who haven’t been helped by other treatments and to change how reading’s taught in schools. If that sounds like a high bar, keep in mind the Reading Without Limits program consistently takes clients from not reading at all to reading Harry Potter novels in only 3 months.


Most parents don’t know where to go for effective help with their children’s dyslexia. With COVID-19, there’s also more homeschooling and consequently more gaps in learning. They’re understandably frustrated paying for treatments that don’t work, often up to $6,000 for a diagnosis and $30,000 for treatments that take years to show significant progress.

Psychologists and educators, and occasionally eye doctors, are often those treating dyslexia, despite the fact that those disciplines understand only their pieces of the puzzle: Psychologists understand cognitive processes, maybe reading, but not how vision works. Educators use only slow, moderately effective Phonics or sight reading approaches. Eye doctors understand the cognitive and visual systems but not as they relate to treating reading problems.

As an eye doctor and dyslexia specialist, Dr. Bloch knows the cognitive and vision processes as well as how people learn to read most effectively. Reading Without Limits is an innovative set of ”super tools” that teach kids to read correctly—better and faster than anything else available.

“Watching my child struggle created so much anxiety for the whole family. A friend told me to see Dr. Bloch and he has changed my son’s life,” says Reading Without Limits client Marianne.


Dyslexia’s a neuro-cognitive problem, not an eye problem, caused by a disconnect between the visual and auditory processing systems. The auditory process overrides the visual process.

They might see the word “cat” and think it has 3 sounds, like saying “300” is “3…0…0” instead of “three hundred.” They should have been taught to recognize “cat” as “c” and “at.” They can learn to read by knowing fewer than 500 similar patterns.

Reading Without Limits is a highly effective program that incorporates key treatments from the cognitive, vision, and reading disciplines to reprogram how brains process visual and auditory information—and it’s unavailable from schools, tutors, psychologists, and other eye doctors (at a cost of only $3500 to $4500).

“I’m planning to roll this program out to doctors across the country so the treatment’s available in every city. I want to see optometry become the go-to profession for treating dyslexia,” says Dr. Bloch.