Fixing Bad Brain Habits

Essential Reading Drills

Using a series of pattern recognition drills, poor readers can become excellent readers in record time.

The Reading Without Limits patent pending drills teach readers how to quickly and easily access reading related information already stored in their brain but that is misfiled. 

How is this possible?

Most students with dyslexia already have normal or above normal intelligence, grade-appropriate speaking vocabulary, and good oral comprehension. 

What they do not have is efficient word recognition, tracking skills, and reading comprehension.

Our Process

Pattern Recognition

The pattern recognition drills reprogram how a dyslexic reader stores and retrieves the information they already know. It helps them recognize words in a fraction of a second by identifying key patterns in word structure. This works very much like reshelving library books after someone has replaced them on the wrong shelf or in the wrong order.  It is much easier to find something when it is the right place. Once practiced, the drills make access to the word patterns automatic and reading more effortless. 

Eye Movement Training

Another set of drills train eye movements to properly jump from word to word in the right order. Visual tracking errors cause words to be missed, transposed, or read out order causing confusion and poor reading comprehension. Tracking problems also lead to slow reading speed and re-reading content that was missed on the first pass.  Teaching the reader to track and coordinate their eye movements allows them to process words in the correct order, read at an increased rate, and comprehend more content.

Reinforce and Improve

Additional exercises and strategies are used to maximize reading comprehension if perfecting the intake process alone has not generated the desired level of reading proficiency.

Take the first Step

Schedule a Comprehensive Four Phase Evaluation

Uncover which auditory, visual, and cognitive factors are interfering with reading ability.

The cost for this comprehensive evaluation is $670. Payment plans are available and some medical insurance coverage may apply.