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Help Students of All Ages Become Better Readers

Up to 30% of the population has some form of a reading disorder and up to 15% are considered dyslexic. Traditional reading programs have been unable to help many struggling readers. Alternative services are scarce and mostly ineffective. With a referral to a Reading Without Limits provider, you can help anyone behind in their reading skills become a better reader quickly and easily

Where to Get Real Answers to Reading Problems

Doctors trained by Reading Without Limits, Inc. are best suited for the diagnosis and treatment of reading disorders. Reading teachers, educators, and dyslexia specialists are not completely trained to handle all the underlying causes of reading difficulties. They know reading but have a limited background on how visual performance impacts reading. Eye doctors are trained in visual performance, but they do not know the reading process. The Reading Without Limits program combines the knowledge from the fields of Reading and Vision Science making it possible to accelerate reading performance through process called Visual Cross Training (see below for more details)

Get a Donation for Your Classroom

Reading Without Limits, Inc. will donate to your classroom fund for teaching supplies and class projects of your choice. Every time you refer a student for an evaluation and/or treatment to a Reading Without Limits provider you will earn a donation of $25. To participate in this donation program called Make the Grade, Make the Team please contact us by email to get more information and register your classroom. Together we can help students achieve better reading grades, excel in school, sports, and in life.

Proprietary Testing and Treatment Method

Reading Without Limits is a diagnosis and treatment program for the correction of simple and complex reading problems including dyslexia. It is a fast, effective, and proven approach for reading problems. The testing protocol uses a four phase evaluation to isolate which visual, auditory, and cognitive factors are affecting reading performance. The treatment portion of the program uses the concept of Visual Cross Training and Visual Pattern Recognition to achieve accelerated change in reading performance. Visual Cross Training is a combination of revised vision therapy drills and reading drills that when combined provides significantly better results than either method alone. Visual Pattern Recognition is a visual perception strategy that allows faster recognition of words and out performs traditional phonics or whole word approaches. In our program, readers are shown a new way to recognize and track words so they can process them faster. They are assigned time driven drills that use the new visual framework in combination with retrained focusing, tracking, and eye coordination skills to improve word identification, fluency, and comprehension.