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Reading Without Limits Advisory Board

David Bloch Reading Without Limits

Dr. David Bloch, OD

Dr. David Bloch is the creator of the Reading Without Limits Program. He is a licensed adult and pediatric optometrist, and has extensive training in vision correction, development, and rehabilitation.

Dr. Bloch graduated from the University of Michigan in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In 1988, he received his doctorate degree Magna Cum Laude from the Illinois College of Optometry. He also completed a residency in Pediatric Vision Care and Binocular Vision at the University of Houston College of Optometry in 1989. During his residency, Dr. Bloch published a chapter in a book on the diagnosis and treatment of lazy eye. Following his residency, he taught as a clinical instructor in general optometry, pediatric optometry, and contact lens clinics at the University of Houston.

In 1991, Dr. Bloch moved to California where he began practicing optometry for an HMO. In this setting, he treated patients of all ages for both simple and complex eye problems.

Later in 2001, Dr. Bloch transitioned into private practice to concentrate more on pediatric vision care. This is when he opened Children’s Optometric of North County in Carlsbad, CA. This facility was dedicated to solving all kinds of vision problems in kids, including reading disabilities. His treatment regimens include prescription eyewear, vision therapy, and vision processing training. Over several years, Dr. Bloch refined his methods for improving reading skills until rapid changes in reading performance were achieved, which is now his Reading Without Limits program.

Bruce Dow Reading Without Limits

Bruce Dow, PhD

Dr. Bruce Dow is a cognitive reading specialist. He has bachelor degrees in education and physics, as well as a masters and PhD in Reading (a branch of psychology). He has studied the neuroscience of the cognitive process as it relates to reading and higher brain functions. He has tested and treated patients who struggled with reading, ADHD, and those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

His teaching background includes both college and elementary school levels. As a college professor he served as coordinator of a reading department where he supervised eighty plus faculty members in the literacy program. He has taught numerous courses on the subject of reading to future teachers of reading. At the elementary level he worked with children at the earliest stages of reading development, including teaching kindergarten.

He has a deep interest in the role of predictive processes in comprehension, diagnostic psychometric testing, and perceptual vision processing as it relates to reading. He now serves as a member on the Reading Without Limits Advisory Board.

Bernie Marasco Reading Without Limits

Bernie Marasco

Bernie Marasco is a software developer with 31 years of computer programming experience. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1982 with a degree in Computer Science. He started his career at McDonnell Douglas (aerospace industry) working in telecommunications and networking and later worked on storage and information retrieval systems for Storage Technology and several start-up companies . He has worked as programmer, project lead and holds several software patents. He has a special interest in usability and user interfaces. After many years, he felt the need to do something different, and became interested in what he does today—the design and development of educational software.

In 1998, Bernie founded Stepware, Inc., a software company dedicated to the enhancement of reading skills in readers of all ages. His passion in this area was driven by the reading difficulties he had experienced while growing up and his desire to help people. He started with a simple computer program that enhanced reading efficiency, on and off the computer, by utilizing text display and pacing techniques. Today his company has grown to become the leader in reading performance software earning over 50 prestigious awards. His software is widely used by K-12 schools, colleges, learning centers and the military.

Bernie now proudly joins the Reading Without Limits team as a software consultant and advisory board member. He and Dr. Bloch have collaborated on putting together a more comprehensive reading improvement program. The new Reading Without Limits software combines the benefits of eye tracking drills with special visual processing and pattern recognition drills that quickly leads to better reading performance.

Bernie can be contacted at

Eric Morton Reading without Limits

Eric D. Morton

Eric D. Morton uses his accumulated experience and knowledge to help clients avoid legal disputes, protect their assets, become successful, and build value in their businesses. Eric is the principal of the Law Offices of Eric D. Morton, APC. He provides a full range of business law and intellectual property services.

Eric’s clients benefit from his expertise, which spans more than 20 years. Clients enjoy his honest, responsive and professional service tailored to their best interests. Eric has practiced business law and intellectual property law in north San Diego County since 1994. Eric previously worked on business law matters and litigation with several Orange County firms before settling in the San Diego area. He has litigated hundreds of cases and taken dozens of cases to trial. Today, he leverages his litigation background to help business clients spot and avoid potential trouble.

A sole practitioner, Eric enjoys talking to business owners and helping them plan for the future. His approach is to ask questions, listen, and anticipate possible sources of future conflict. Through looking broadly at the expectations and personalities of business partners, he has helped many clients understand their obligations and achieve their business goals. When disputes do occur, he has helped many other clients mitigate their losses.

As a political science student at the University of Arizona, Eric was accepted into an officer’s candidate program of the United States Marine Corps. After graduation, he earned his wings and flew CH-46 helicopters with the Third Marine Aircraft Wing. While stationed at MCAS Tustin, then Captain Morton started law school at Western State University. He graduated in the top 10% of his class at Western State and began practicing law in 1988.

Eric has served as a volunteer advisor for the San Diego Small Business Development Center. He is also a Past President of the Encinitas chapter of LeTip International, a networking group of professionals and small business owners with chapters across the country. He belongs to the Bar Association of North San Diego County and the Intellectual Property and Business Law Sections of the California State Bar.

When he’s not at work, Eric works out, plays Advanced Squad Leader, listens to jazz, and pursues a passion for history. He lives in Carlsbad with his wife, Kellie Delaney.