No More Dyslexia, It’s True

Dyslexia is the number one learning disability in this country. Until recently finding a solution for this problem has remained elusive. Using a breakthrough approach, students of all ages can now improve their reading performance and correct their Dyslexia quickly and easily. In fact, most poor readers can learn to read proficiently in less than […]

Tracking and Reading Comprehension

Many reading comprehension problems occur because of poor visual skills. In other words, the eyes are not seeing the text properly. The reader cannot see all the words clearly, in the right order, and at the right speed in order to make sense of the content. Obviously, if the words are not clear, the reader […]

The Power of Pattern Recognition

Many students have difficulty learning to read because of poor visual processing skills. This means they lack the ability to recognize, sort, recall, and assemble various patterns in what they are seeing. Following a specific pattern allows the student to arrive at a decision faster than without a pattern. Also, some patterns of recognition are […]

Why Can’t My Child Keep Up

Noticing that your child is performing poorly in school isn’t difficult. Figuring out why can be the real mystery. Considering that 80 percent of learning occurs through the processing of visual information, making sure your child is seeing properly should be top priority. Seeing properly means seeing clearly and comfortably at all times. Even if your child has had a […]

The Speed of Seeing and Reading

Ever wonder how long it really takes to see something? Well, the speed of vision is quite fast. For most daily tasks, you can see things in less than a quarter of a second. Keep in mind, however, that certain tasks take more time to see the details than do others, depending on the size […]

When Traditional Reading Methods Don’t Work

Watching a child struggle to read can be heart-breaking; especially when they have been participating in reading tutorial for months. Children who do not make significant gains in reading fluency or who have labored reading are likely suffering from undiagnosed vision processing problems. These vision processing problems extend beyond just seeing the print clearly (although […]