Case HL


Patient LH
Age: 8
Grade: 3rd
Reading Level: 3rd Grade
Symptoms: loses place while reading, tires easy while reading, gets headaches from reading, poor reading comprehension

Results: Training Period: 2.5 months

Before Training (December 20, 2018):

  • Tracking score @ 1st grade level
  • Reading speed at 150 words per minute
  • Eyes coordinated only 66% of time

After Training (January 26, 2020 ):

  • Tracking score @ sophomore college level
  • Reading speed at 353 words per minute
  • Eye coordinated at 98% of time
LH Is an 8 yr old boy that attends 3rd grade at a Montessori school for brilliant kids. LH knows how to read, but has poor reading comprehension. He loses his place while reading and at times gets double vision. He cannot read for extended periods and gets headaches if he reads too long.  
His eye examination showed that he does not need prescription lenses. However, he does have difficulty with his eye muscles that control focusing and eye alignment. Load testing on his eyes shows he didn’t have the strength to hold his eyes in the proper position at all times. His eyes would become shaky and actual separate causing his intermittent blur and double vision. If he tried to force his eyes to work harder, it caused his eye muscles to spasm and lead to headaches. This is similar to the tightness you might feel in your arms after carrying a heavy package too long.  Eyes muscles can get stiff and inflexible interfering with the eye coordination needed to track words properly while reading. LH didn’t have the stamina to read for more than a few minutes. His eye movement tests showed that he quickly stopped on words but could not jump from word to word properly. As a result, he would get confused because he was reading the words out of order.
Once he entered the Reading Without Limits program, he quickly gained strength, flexibility, and stamina in his eye muscle allowing him to track the words properly. His reading speed jumped from 107 words per minute to 353 words per minute, and his eye coordination jumped from 84% to 98%. In only 2 months he has the reading efficiency of a college graduate. 

Tracking the Progress

Training Period: 2.5 months

Before Training (December 20, 2018)

  • Tracking Score @ 1st Grade Level
  • Reading Speed at 107 words per minute
  • Eyes Coordinated only 84% of time

Midway (January 26, 2019)

After Training (February 9, 2019):

  • Tracking score @ sophomore college level
  • Reading speed at 353 words per minute
  • Eye coordinated at 98% of time

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