Correcting Dyslexia

The Power to Correct Dyslexia

How can the Reading Without Limits Program Succeed in Correcting Dyslexia when so many other programs fail?

Traditional dyslexia treatment plans fail to address all the factors which contribute to reading difficulty. 

The ability to read requires auditory, visual, and cognitive skills. 




Problems with any of these three skill sets can cause reading problems.

Traditional reading methods use a phonetic or auditory-based approach to teach reading. Research shows that students with dyslexia have poor phonological awareness, or the inability to use sound patterns to learn to read.

As a result, traditional reading methods that target auditory skills provide very little help to those with dyslexia.

Dr. Bloch discovered that students with dyslexia have confusion between sound pattern recognition and visual pattern recognition. In other words, readers with dyslexia cannot match what they hear with what they see when interpreting text.

Non-Dyslexic Brain vs. Dyslexic Brain
When Reading

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Once the disconnect between auditory and visual pattern recognition is repaired, students with dyslexia can begin to read correctly and without difficulty.

How is this done?

Through a series of special drills, Dr. Bloch and his licensed providers are able to reprogram how students match up auditory and visual information. These drills enable students to quickly improve their reading skills and correct their dyslexia. 

This method of visual cross training out-performs regular reading methods and works for all types of reading problems, simple or complex. 

Correcting Dyslexia Success Stories

Marianne Y.
Marianne Y.
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I was honestly at a standstill with my son. We were at kindergarten reading levels even though he is in 2nd grade. His dyslexia was frustrating for him. Watching my child struggle created so much anxiety for the whole family. I didn't know what to do. A friend told me to see Dr. Bloch. I thought what do I have to lose at this point. Dr Bloch has changed my son's life. Within one month he is bringing me chapter books to read. Word recognition, fluency, reading speed, and confidence have improved 100% from where we started. It is an amazing program!
Jk B.
Jk B.
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My daughter, who is currently in 5th grade and going to private school, was diagnosed with dyslexia... Because of my daughter's continuing inability to read, my daughter and I have dealt with mounting frustrations, and anxiety: her self-esteem has also taken quite a beating. THANK GOD FOR DR. BLOCH! ... I can't begin to tell you the incredible reading results that my daughter has achieved under the supervision and training provided by Dr. Bloch through his amazing reading program. Today I am proud to announce that my daughter has quickly accelerated her reading ability from kindergarten to beyond a third grade level of reading, and is more excited and confident than I ever seen her before.

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