Become a Certified Provider

Become A Respected Dyslexia Expert and Profitable Treatment Center

Help Students of All Ages Become Better Readers

Recent developments in vision science and brain science make it possible for eye doctors to correct Dyslexia in record time. Using a new diagnostic and treatment protocol, Optometrists can reprogram visual, auditory, and cognitive skills as they relate to the reading process. 

We teach you how to add this much needed neuro-optometric service to your practice. Parents will seek your expert advice when they know that you can fix their child’s reading disability.

Although, some experts believe that eyesight has little to do with fixing Dyslexia, the contrary is actually true. Our research and treatment outcomes prove that the visual system (not the eye itself) is the key to curing Dyslexia. This program is not the vision therapy you learned about in school. But, it is an extension of your training in vision perception, binocular vision assessment, and neuro-optometric care. Let us teach you about how bad brain habits disrupt the connection between auditory and visual processing.

Fill a niche that is largely underserved

By becoming a certified Reading Without Limits Provider, you will be able to fill a niche that remains largely underserved. Parents and students are frustrated with the lack of effective resources to help correct Dyslexia and other reading problems. Traditional reading and Dyslexia programs, that emphasize phonics and sight reading, are extremely time consuming, costly, and produce mediocre results at best. Reading Without Limits, on the other hand, is a fast, economical, and highly effective at curing the leading learning disability in this country. You can differentiate your practice and be in demand, patients are waiting.

Add an Additional Revenue Stream to Your Practice

Depending on the geographic/demographic area, Optometrists that become a certified testing and treatment center can expect to increase annual practice revenue by over 100K with only 1-2 reading patients per month not including eyewear sales.
Treatment Centers can expect to increase business revenue by over 60K with only 1-2 reading patients per month. 
Set up and training costs for participating providers can be recouped in less than 2 months.

We Have Three Options to Become a Reading Without Limits Provider

There are three different options for becoming a Reading Without Limits network provider.

The program is best implemented when diagnosis and treatment are administered from a single location/provider.

Optometrists are the provider of choice because they can conduct all phases of examination and treatment.

Non-Optometrists cannot conduct eye examinations and therefore need to partner with a Reading Without Limits network Optometrist to become a Treatment Only Center.

Certified Reading Without Limits specialists will be listed on the Reading Without Limits website with their designated level of participation.

A Reading Without Limits evaluation is comprised of four separate phases.  Phase 1 is a complete eye exam. Phase 2 is computerized tracking assessment. Phase 3 is a proprietary word pattern recognition test. Phase 4 is a neuro-motor sensory exam.

The level of services offered by a provider dictates their earning potential.

All prospective patients/clients will book through the Reading Without Limits website and then be referred to the appropriate center(s).

All providers must attend a training program specific to their level of participation and sign a licensing agreement giving them right to use and administer the program to the public. The licensing agreement will specify the terms of use, licensing fees, training costs, servicing area, provider compensation, marketing support, and case consultation fees. The full training course is about 12hrs and can be completed in one to two weekends either in person or virtually.

Three Options to Become a Reading Without Limits Provider


Option 1

Testing and Treatment Center
(For Optometrists Only)

Conducts all phases of testing, formulates the treatment plan, implements all training exercises, and re-evaluates student progress monthly.


Option 2

Testing Only Center
(For Optometrists Only)

Conducts all phase of testing, formulates the treatment plan, assigns treatment plan to a treatment center, and re-evaluates student progress monthly. This is a great option for providers who only want to do the testing and be paired with a treatment center.


Option 3

Treatment Only Center
(For Teachers, Psychologists, Reading Specialists, and other college graduates)

Therapist receives Reading Without Limits test results and treatment program recommendations from a certified provider. Then, administers appropriate drills to reprogram visual, auditory, and cognitive processing to the patient/client under the advisement and supervision of a certified Reading Without Limits Optometrist. Training equipment provided by Reading Without Limits, Inc. direct to patient.

Reading Without Limits Certified Provider

Provider Application

Once you submit the application,  a representative will contact you with more details about becoming a testing and treatment center or a Reading Without Limits affiliated vision care center.