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Learning to Read | Improving Reading | Reversing Dyslexia

Our proprietary testing and treatment will give you real answers and real results. Helping your child read better starts with uncovering the root cause of their difficulty. Please set up an in office evaluation with a qualified provider for best results.

By combining reading drills with vision processing drills (visual cross training), the Reading Without Limits program accelerates reading performance. Readers can instantly identify words, read faster, have better fluency, sustain attention, achieve fuller comprehension, and even spell better.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

Set up a 10 minute phone consultation with a qualified provider to discuss your child’s reading ability. Get information and advice that will raise their reading grades, increase their reading confidence, and motivate them to read more. Please submit your request by email and a representative will contact you to schedule the consult.

Four Phase in Office Evaluation

Uncovering which auditory, visual, and cognitive factors are interfering with reading ability requires a four phase evaluation. Phase one evaluates the eye’s ability to take in visual information. Phase two evaluates the eye’s ability to track properly and comprehend while reading. Phase three evaluates visual, auditory, and cognitive pattern recognition skills as they apply to word identification. Phase four evaluates the strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance of the visual system to sustain reading activity. All four phases requires 2 to 2.5 hours to complete and are generally not completed in one visit. Price for this service varies depending on medical insurance coverage. Each phase is $150 or save $100 when purchased as a package.

Online Word Recognition Test $150

Reading fluency and comprehension begins with accurate word recognition. Find out why your child has difficulty reading or pronouncing new words or remembering previously seen words. Evaluation includes testing and discussion of your child’s strategy for word identification, as well as a demonstration of some Reading Without Limits drills that will allow your child read complex words in seconds. Testing is conducted by a qualified provider via GO TO MEETING on your computer, audio and visual connectivity required. Please submit your request by email and a representative will contact you to schedule the test and provide further details.

Online Access to Reading Without Limits Performance Drills $250

Sign up for 6 month access to reading performance drills that will reprogram word recognition and tracking ability. Drills are designed to develop faster word identification by practicing visual pattern recognition concepts and improve reading fluency by practicing proper eye movements used during reading. These drills are only one component of the complete Reading Without Limits program and cannot be expected to treat all aspects of reading difficulty. Personal instruction and custom assignments will produce the best results. Training and coaching sessions with a qualified provider are available for an additional fee. Please submit your request by email and a representative will contact you to set up your account and provide further details.