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Dr. David Bloch Adult and Pediatric Optometry

Carlsbad, California

Dr. David Bloch

Dr. David Bloch is one of the few doctors in the country that treats dyslexia and other reading disabilities in both children and adults. He is both an eye doctor and reading specialist. His clinical research with reading disabilities and Dyslexia has bridged the gap between brain science and reading science. Dr. Bloch’s diagnosis and treatment methods are becoming the new standard of care and currently have a patent pending on them.

Dr. Bloch has been practicing Adult and Pediatric Optometry in Carlsbad since 1997 and started his reading clinic in 2001. He is qualified to treat routine and urgent conditions of the eye. He also has an extensive background in the treatment lazy eye and eye muscle disorders which impact, focusing, visual tracking, and visual processing skills. His work in the area of reading problems and pattern recognition skills has rendered him an expert in his field.

Dr. Bloch graduated Magna Cum Laude from Illinois College of Optometry in 1988. His post-doctoral work included a residency in Pediatric Optometry at the University of Houston, College of Optometry.

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Dr. David Bloch Adult and Pediatric Optometry

2814 Roosevelt St., Suite B
Carlsbad, California 92008

(760) 730-3711

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