In the span of just a few months, my daughter has gone from crying and throwing a fit when asked to read a book, to asking if she could read "just a couple more chapters." She is reading material far ahead of her grade, and actually really enjoys reading. Her spelling and handwriting has improved a lot as well. However, her new love for reading, to me is the most exciting thing to come from her attending this program. My only regret is that I did not take her to Dr. Bloch sooner. I believe we could have avoided a lot of frustration in school had she been Dr. Bloch ealier. - Kristi F.
School work and homework time has shortened. My son is more confident when reading out loud in group settings.
- Carolyn N
My son has always struggled with reading. In October 2012, my son was in the 2nd grade but reading at the 1st grade level. My husband and I decided that we wanted our son to participate in the vision therapy program with Dr. Bloch. He started the program on January 31, 2013. By April, his reading had improved and he was reading at the 2nd grade level. The best thing about the Reading Without Limits program is the different techniques that are used.
- Alicia Y
My daughter is 6 years old and in the first grade. She was having trouble with reading. I knew that she was farsighted and wears eye glasses for reading. However, this did not seem to be helping her. In November 2012, I made an appointment to see Dr. Bloch. After examination, I discovered that Kate glasses were not the right prescription and that her eyes having trouble tracking. So we got new glasses and began vision therapy as soon as possible. In January 2012, her teacher at school noticed a big improvement with her reading and moved her up to a higher reading level/group. This was extremely motivating for my daughter and she wanted to read a lot more on her own. She loves reading and has enjoyed the vision therapy sessions. Dr. Bloch has made each session fun for her and tried to customize the program for what works for her.
- Jodi S
This is a process that maximizes reading comprehension in a short amount of time and it is result oriented. This gives hope and the tools for students with reading disabilities to be successful. Dr. Bloch is a true professional and always trying to improve things for his patients. He is just the best.
- Lisa L