Students come from far and wide to see Carlsbad doctor for dyslexia

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It’s estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from Dyslexia, making it the number one learning disability in the United States. While most believe it stems from a reading comprehension issue, optometrist Dr. David Bloch of Carlsbad, California has a different approach.

He’s developed a program called Reading Without Limits, which employs unique methods that focus on a student’s ability to visually track and process words. Often the student already knows the meaning of the word and uses it verbally but simply lacks the ability to properly identify it on the page.

According to Bloch, “the two biggest problems with people who have Dyslexia is that they have a tracking or word identification problem or both. It’s not comprehension. People who have Dyslexia are smart people, with large speaking vocabularies. The difficulty comes when reading the words themselves in written form and confusing them because of a disconnect between auditory and visual processing in the brain.

In Reading Without Limits, Dr. Bloch has revolutionized teaching techniques that are extraordinarily effective in helping a person of any age develop the necessary skills to become a proficient reader. Individuals as young as the second grade have improved their words read per minute from 80 to 450 after only a few months of training.

People from all over the state of California and the country have already become success stories after partaking in Reading Without Limits.

Rhonda Tremblay, a superintendent of a Southern California school district, explains how one of her student’s lives was vastly improved by the program. The student was in the latter part of high school and ly reading at a first-grade level. After five months of working with Dr. Bloch, he was reading confidently at a fifth-grade level. Not only were his reading skills improved, but Dr. Bloch was able to identify another issue during the course of his training.

“Dr. Bloch also discovered our student had no 3D depth perception, so even though he was athletic, he could not catch a ball,” Tremblay noted. “Imagine my surprise when this year he made the basketball team and scored the first shot of the season! His confidence and reading skills will continue to give him the success he needs to get through his senior year and move forward as a confident human being that can read. Dr. Bloch dramatically changed his life.”

Ellen Yang is the mother of an eight-year old boy who had been struggling with reading due to visual issues. She praised both Dr. Bloch and his staff for not only the therapy, but their work ethic and demeanor.

“Dr. Bloch is professional, knowledgeable and understanding about what a young patient (and his parents) need. He is truly passionate about helping children improve their reading. His staff is empathetic, personable and efficient just a very reassuring environment for anybody who visits there.”

Reading Without Limits is an exceptional learning environment for any person looking to improve regardless of his/her reading level. Its training will provide anyone the tools they need to grow both their cognitive skills and personal confidence.

Correcting Dyslexia in record time is possible with this program.

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